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Sketch out your ideas wherever you are

The few sketches above where made on my phone on the bus with a little tool called sketchbook mobile.
I was thinking about writing about autodesk’s sketchbook pro for a while but never find the time. But the new Sketchbook mobile is so amazing I had to do it.
The software is reduced to the essentials compared to the desktop version. The advantage of the minimalistic approach is that the user interface is just fine. Allow I mis some of the brushes on the the iPhone. And what really is a step back is that you cant change the opacity of the layers and that you are limited to six layers. Also the stroke pressure simulation is a bit awkward but you get used to it.
So there is some room for improvement but for 1.79 it is a tool nobody should mis out on. If you are a designer, an engineer or just somebody who like to sketch, buy it.

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