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Old video games are kind of hard

Now, that I am back on writing my thesis, I need something entertainment for my evenings. And so I decided that I play along with the game club from the RebelFM guys. Splinter Cell – Chaos theory, man is that game weird.

First I was shocked about the way it looks, washed out and quiet blurry. But did not bothered long for long. The fact that I get shot all the time however is something that gets on my nerves. Keep you light level in check, so you cant be seen. Keep you Sound level in check, so nobody hears you. WTF.Well, maybe I should not play a stealth game. And what really kills it is the the controller layout. I have no idea how this could have made sense to anybody.

Other then this the game is pretty good so far. The story is silly. The technology-babble is hilarious and your arsenal on spy gadgets was stolen by future Biff, brought back to the past where the two CIA-Agents stumbled over it, who where actually looking for their convenience store coffee, I guess. All together it’s what you expect from a game based on the Tom Clancy universe.

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  1. Posted 17. March 2010 at 17:24 | #

    ich bin verwirrt – eigentlich war ich der meinung, du w?rst fertigĶ
    wie auch immer, spiel am besten monkey island zur entspannung 🙂

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