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Into the Blue

Self Portrait – flash – Snoot

I was going to start blogging about my experiences with photography as the means to relax and having an outlet for a while now. But as it is with things you start to conceptualise and end up doing nothing at all if you don’t have clear goal to work towards.

Now that my DSLR is more than six month old and I almost lost all my photos in a self-inflicted hardware mishap, I belief it is time to share some of the work I have done with it and other means of capturing images, before I can destroy them all. (All Hail Time Machine)

I call the series into the blue because I am a total beginner to the intentional creation of images. But also by chance I just the label “Blue” in Aperture to quickly sort through my images and separate the keepers from the rest. ┬áSo let me show you the once I liked.

Let me be clear I am a still in the processes of understanding many parts of the craft others have already mastered, so I really appreciate critiquing. But please be kind, or let me have a look in your notes on solving non-linear differential equations.

Have Fun

Self Portrait – Flash – Built in diffusor

Flickr is at the moment my go to hosting service. So you can find all photo in this series here.

Self Portrait – Flash – DIY Paper Fong dong

PS: And helping you realise that I am an egotistical jac… No not really I am just the only on voluntarily sitting still, letting me test different setting. And believe me there are lots of those. And by the way I need a cable release.

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