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Mobile writing

Finally, for the first time I am able to write a blog post with the mobile keyboard that I always wanted. So why would someone build a slow text input device that is on top of that difficult to learn. Well, because it is awesome to be able to wield the power of modern computing without looking at a display all the time just to figure out what button to press. The second thing the keyboard needed to do that most don’t is to let me type with one hand. So I fell in love with the concept of Englebart`s Harp a five button chording keyboard that allowed you to be a keyboard with one hand while using a mouse with the other. This concept was then expanded to seven buttons to account for all the keys available on a modern keyboard. And that is what I opted for.

And now a year and about ten prototypes later I arrived at the same ono-7. And I have to say, I am actually quite impressed with the performance of the device. Yes the speed is  far from what one can reach on a regular keyboard, but for a hacked together prototype, with a typing concept that nobody ever uses I am getting faster rather quickly.

Considering how weird it is, little training is required to get the core alphabet down. Just the extended punctuation takes a fair bit of practice.


  • Cherry MX Keys
  • Bluetooth HID Profile
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Fitted 3D printed Case

What I am going to do next is fixing up the 3D files a little bit and release them on github. After that I need to comment the source file and upload it as well. I will post it with proper BOL on the blog, as well.



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