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Walking Chords – Eurorack Patch


Basic patch:

This is actually not that bad. I am getting familiar with the moduls that I have build so far. I love the fact to gain new modules so slowly one by one. This makes me tinker with the modules I have more than I would be if I had having everything I would like to have.
I did make a rather nice selfplaying patch with just 3 modules last night. Chord Organ as a sound source, ripples as LP2-filter and Peaks in dual expert Tap-LFO mode.
The idea was in the begining that one Peaks channel modulates the “Chords”-input of the Chord Organ with an Pulse waveform in a way so that it alternates between two nicly fitting chords( 2 states). The output  signal is put in the filter and from its 2-pole output into the mixer.
The chord organ’s trigger output now is feed into peaks second trigger input and to sync the tap-LFO whenever chord organ outputs a new chord. In its normal configuration it will basically be a clock multiplier with a factor two. The LFO is now set to stepped mode with very few steps and with the random waveform. The output of this channel is then modulating the input of the Ripples filter andtherfore gives the sequence some movement and livlyness.
The trick with this patch is that one must find an approriated setting for the attenuation of the LFO that modulats the chords so that you don’t get to many triggers from the chord organ. Because if that happens the patch starts to glich. Which was not my goal, at least.
With the filter modulating LFO you can be a bit more adventures without ending up in the audio rateterritory.

Main Parameters:

  • LFO1-Rate
  • LFO2-Rate
  • LFO2-shape
  • LFO2-Amplitude
  • Filter-cutoff
  • Filter-resonace


  1.  The variation that one can do is to input some generator into the note input of the the cord organ. This allows us to get even more movement into the seqence do to the additional triggers and the tap-LFO trying to catchup to it.
  2. Another variation is replacing the second tap-LFO with an envelope on peakses second channel. That will limited the rythmic flexibility of the patch but will give you more control over the  filter modulation.

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