Conferences and Publications

Conference Talks:

24c3 2007 – Introduction in MEMS

DTIP 2008 – Acoustically enhanced electroplating, preliminary findings.

ESTC 2008 – Modelling and experimental work on acoustically enhances electroplating of copper in high aspect ratio structures.

Aerospace Sensor Technologies – Ensuring Nanoscale Manufacturing Integrity 2011 –  Agile health and usage monitoring microsystems – a case study

DTIP 2011 – Agile manufacturing of MEMS for aerospace.


Megasonic Enhanced Electrodeposition – DTIP 2008 Proceedings April 9, 2008

Megasonic agitation for enhanced electrodeposition of copper – Microsystem Technologies – Special Issue on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMSJune 2009

Influence of megasonic agitation on the electrodeposition of high aspect ratio blind via – IEEE ESTC 2008 Proceedings

Megasonic enhanced wafer bumping process to enable high density electronics interconnection – IEEE ESTC 2008September 1, 2008

Agile MEMS Packaging – An integrative design and manufacturing solution for mass customized MEMS products –  DTIP 2011 Proceedings April 4, 2011